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VC Productions

VC Productions is a design and production company that facilitates unique, elevated experiences in innovative environments.  For events we aim to collaborate with musicians, performers, lighting designers and artists of all concerted artistry. The core of our vision is growth, as creators, as collaborators, and as a community. 


Inspired Structural Design

This season the Vision Collective will build a small sampling of art inspired structures and stages that can provide a variety of clients a usable space or visually stunning beacon that will make any event memorable. Our quiver of structures will be available to rent throughout the year. With an in house design team and project manager we can also work with you to create a custom structure or stage specific to your needs. Whether it be weddings, fashion shows, product launches, musical events, or festivals we are ready and willing to add our specific artistic flare for structural design to any event to help make it special.


Event Curation 

The Vision Collective community has a variety of individuals offering skills from logistical development to aesthetic design. We can and have produced, managed and directed events, programs and exhibitions with the intention of elevating and even challenging at times the current style and quality of events being offered across India. 


The Artist Residency Continued

 We are passionate about promoting all contemporary art-forms and their hybrids as well as the many talented and inspiring people behind them. The artist residency recognizes the need for artist to feel inspired and hopes to facilitate the creative process among all of the artists who take part in our residency. We believe art can create important cultural change and facilitates the expression of the individual, which in turn gives voice to the human condition. We hope that by expanding our residency and focusing it on collaborative muti-medium works we can create important cultural happenings in India. We want our residents to use their art and talents to help inspire and facilitate the paradigm shift of humanity, which will lead to a more conscious, connected, and expressive future for all.

In the future we would like to set up a larger residency, build, and events space further inland of Vaayu. We are hoping to find some affordable land inland away from the beach and the crowds where we could create an amazing residency, build space which could be used to host events without having to worry about noise restraints. 

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