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Ankita Trivedi 

Hello, I am Ankita. I am an Industrial Designer by profession and a visionary artist from soul. I am a learner and explorer of psychedelic/ mandala/ visionary art.
My artist name is Swayatra, it is a Sanskrit word which means “self journey”.

I truly believe in this beautiful quote by ‘Antony Garrete Lissi’, which is – “I think universe is pure geometry, basically a beautiful shape twisting and dancing over space-time”.

Most of my work is based on musical journeys or psychedelic experiences. I love playing with geometrical shapes and forms. I feel connected to this beautiful universe when draw these beautiful forms and shapes, and when these shapes and forms connects or merges with each other, they give birth to another shape or form.
I work as a full time designer with a design company (Fitch) in Mumbai. After work I take out time to do what m born for which is art.
I am always craving for new experiences to expand my vision.
I love travelling, meeting new people, dancing with them, learning from them, sharing with them, smiling with them.

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