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Preetal Dongre

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My name is Preetal Dongre and i am an art director, graphic designer and illustrator based in Mumbai. My soul lies in illustrations and mural art. At the moment I work as a full time designer with a creative agency ( Bhavishyavani Future Soundz and Bhavishyavani Future Co. ) which merges music and design, setting a stage for interactive art and exploring new media along with graphic design, experience design and creative strategy.


My art is heavily inspired by nature and all its beautiful creations. The environment and its conservation is a topic that hits home for me and I would like to, through my art, send out a message of appreciation towards nature and celebrate it. Having a background in philosophy gives me a lot of topics to play with in my art. Matter (tatva)  and transcendence being a few of them. I am curious about surface tension and the way matter can change forms which  is a dominant topic in my art, as well as reflections of my own consciousness and thoughts and musings. I am also a street artist and a muralist. Street art gives me great pleasure as it is a pubic, accessible form of art and brings people together. It is a slice of life in a traffic jam, a quiet greeting in an alley to sheer you up for a few moments in your day. 


I am constantly learning to better my art form, to explore new techniques and styles. Pushing myself to explore more as well as refine my technique. I am always craving new experiences to enrich my life and these inspire me and my art. I love travelling, being one with nature, meeting new people and having new experiences this world has to offer.

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