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Harsh Harshvardhan Kadam is an eclectic urban artist who makes murals across India. His aesthetic vocabularyis deeply rooted in theoretical aspects of Indian art andmythology. His travel studio INKBRUSHnME, which hasbeen running since 2007, is best known for creating newlandmarks across urban landscapes by painting largescale murals in public spaces. In 2012, Harsh curated and produced a street art project in Pune, which was the first of itskind. Committed to the cause of retelling stories and reconceptualizing mythology, his studio also creates children’sillustrated books, graphic novels and character design for animation and gaming projects. In 2008, Harsh’s illustrated hisfirst graphic novel, “Budhdha”, written by Deepak Chopra

In extension of his longstanding engagement with mythology, Harsh continues to reinterpret its essence through street art murals and digital paintings. Although his approach to constructing visual narratives is ritualistic and meditative, he wants mythology to be seen and understood from a non-religious perspective. This is one of the reasons why Harsh chooses street art as the most communicative mediums to reach out to as many hearts he can.

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