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Hill Young

Kahili (Hill) Young is a vibrant, multi-faceted creator based in Southern California, USA and inspired by mountains, ocean, desert, and web of the city. Kahili is focused on engaging the world through unique art experiences and holds a powerful message of earth stewardship and connection with the organic hybrid forms she creates. Through her painting, teaching, performance and installations Kahili reminds us to find the sacred within ourselves and the natural world we inhabit in order to heal and better support our individual paths, our communities and the planet as a whole.



“The experiences, creatures, music, visions and emotions of my life are fed as light into the kaleidoscope of my brain, shaken up, and end up spilling out the end of my paintbrush in the most intriguing forms! My creative expression is my meditation, sharing it with others fuels my elation. I encourage all beings to create and express themselves on a path to self knowledge and joy. Let us shape our own colorful, loving, thriving, collaborative reality and break from the normalcy that has been set before us. ” ~Kahili <3

Instagram @sacredelic

Facebook: Sacredelic Arts- Kahili Young


KAHILI_i see fire
KAHILI_unfold the mold (1)
KAHILI_In one day
KAHILI_internal passage
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