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Alexander Lyle IV

Alexander G. Lyle IV - does his best to avoid classification.  At the age of 15 he became a residency student with the North Start Ballet in Fairbanks, Alaska, a choice that would blossom into a ten year career as a dancer working in styles as disparate as classical ballet, modern, Butoh, and Kathak dance drama, performing in venues ranging from the Metropolitan Opera House to The National Center for The Performing Arts in Mumbai, India, the Roman Forum, and various dusty third world streets.  He also is a graduate of New York University with degrees in Dance and South Asia Sutdies.  In 2004 Alexander apprenticed under Master Stone Sculptor Devraj in Mahabalipuram, India.  In 2006 Alexander transitioned out of dance to focus on performance  art and Installation while also developing a career in film as an art director.  In 2010 he performed at the MoMA in "The Artist is Present" the three month retrospective of performance artist. Marina Abramovic during which he performed roughly 140 hours of the work "Point of Contact" among others. Also in 2010 Alexander collaborated with Brazilian artist. Bob N. on a installation/performance for the Sao Paulo Biennial.  In 2011 he was a featured artist in residence at Robert Wilson's Watermill Center.  In 2013 Alexander had his first solo exhibition in New York with the installation and performance work "The Shape of Time".  Having recently acquired a studio and exhibition space in Brooklyn, NY Alexander is looking forward to presenting more of his work and that of others.

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