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Kathrina Rupit 

Kathrina was born in Mexico City and studied visual arts and photography at the University in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Kathrina feels her colorful Mexican heritage infuses with her work showcasing in the art that is rich in vitality and colorful exuberance. As an Urban artist, she produces work, which is softer and more lyrical.


Kathrina has lived and worked in Dublin Ireland for the last few years and has become a vital fixture of the vibrant street art scene there. Kathrina uses an array of mediums to achieve an extraordinary vibrant effect – From spray paints, newspaper collages, and urban markers to an assemblage of cardboard, door parts, and even Popsicle sticks. She is constantly challenging the means of urban representation.


Her technical ability and artistic representational skill is the first rate. As we have seen Kathrina utilizes recycled materials, creating both an awareness of environmental issues that also taps into the Mexican concept of the cycle of life, seen in the celebration of ‘Dia de Los Muertos’.

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