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Sachin Pillai

I have been a film-maker over the past 10 years in Mumbai of which the first four were spent working in television, documentary, web videos and advertising. These years were spent learning on the job acquiring production skill and knowledge, as well as a thorough introduction in to post production and camera technology.


Over the past 5 or so years as a freelancer, I have been involved in documentaries, short films, music videos and advertising fulfilling roles across the board as DOP, Director, and Editor. My own practice is mainly in music videos and experimental film and video installations, where the process becomes personal and I fulfil all roles in the image-making process.

The nature of the feedback can be interpreted as a metaphor of the human experience, in the ways that we interact with each other - and with our environment. Where too much involvement or intervention can go on to ruin, degrade and destroy whereas a deeper understanding and minimal manipulation can result in something beautiful, stable and sustainable. 


The feedback itself often appears in forms that appear in nature - foliage, shrouds of bushes, spread of branches, creatures, the shapes of galaxies or the way water looks when its ripples catch light - the possible iterations being potentially infinite. 


The installation is thus a function of physics, a micro-metaphor of organic interaction, a dissolving point of perception between particle and wave, matter and light, knowledge and observance and everything that exists between what is below the earth and beyond the skies.



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