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Danny Darkoski

Daniel Sun aka Danny Darkoski is a mixed media fine artist, illustrator, dj/producer, & light painting photographer from Los Angeles, California. His passion for creation has lead him to pursue many different outlets of artistic expression. It has also led him to Goa, India – where Danny has joined the Vaayu Vision Collective for the term of one year to work on several different collections including a mixed media collection, large scale canvas paintings collection, light painting photography collection, a collection of new original music, and potentially the creation of a live stage experience. Danny’s first show will debut at Vaayu at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season


I feel the need to create. Naturally, as an artist I feel connected or at times even defined by my work, but deep down I really feel it’s the Universe expressing itself through me and manifesting it’s wonders into human existence. I find it most rewarding when everything just flows through me; when I don’t really have to think about what I’m making & I can just trust that whatever it turns out to be is what was meant to be in that moment. It’s representative of how I am feeling, the things that are happening in the world around me, but most importantly, driven by the Source and spiritually connected to all beings and all things. Some people ask what the symbols mean or what something says. Truth is, most of the time when I first create a symbol or a painting, I don’t know what it means. At times I can tell right away, other times it comes to me as life goes on, or sometimes it might represent a feeling or a collection of moments in time. Ultimately, it’s not really about what it means to me or what I think it says – I want people to be able to connect to it on their own level; find their own meaning and purpose for it. That’s what it’s all about. The mandalas are a form of meditation. Drawing them allows me to be calm and center myself. It’s the cosmic movement, raw emotion, and Universal energy that drive me to create and inspire as the true purpose of this human life, and I hope to connect to as many beings as I can through these creations, during this time, and for however long thereafter

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