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Paige VanOcker

Paige has always filtered life through a unique lens. One that is fascinated by the balance of chaos and order that weaves through everything that bears life. It is in her nature to create, to turn every act into one of art. She was born and raised in the high deserts of Idaho and now calls Portland Oregon home. There she lives amongst a close knit community of other artists. Her creativity is mused by an unquenchable desire to fall deeper and deeper into a crystal clear romance with the great mystery of spirit.  She believes that we are here for the sole purpose of experiencing states of joy and happiness, thus she fills her life with elements that are aligned with that path. When not bringing a vision to life through a painting or drawing she finds balance through the study of astrology, a steady yoga practice, an evolving study of optimum health, and her spiritual explorations both in nature and books. She hopes that by sharing her art with the world she may spark others into a state of inspiration. She hopes that each piece she brings to life will carry with it a timeless, universal,  message that needs not to be understood but felt.


Artist Statement-

       She holds within her a unique seed of creativity, a potential for sharing her spark of divinity. She knows there will be no boundaries, no one to guide, but the truth that whispers to her when a vision wishes to come alive. So she weaves, she dances somewhere between the world of spirit and that of matter. Where the two meet she holds a brush or a pen, allows for all the light to come through, allows for the light to come in. She sees the delicate balance of geometry and organic chaos at play in everything that bears breath, so naturally she creates from that innate space. She sees the wildness. She is mused by the twisting of the ancient trees, by the dew rolling across the fall leaves, by the song of the owl echoing through the stillest of night. She knows she was created to create; she knows we all are. So when she comes to meet a vision, she shares to inspire. To understand existence, she knows that one must dance beyond the structures of the mind. So she gave up her desire to control and surrendered deeply into the power and guidance of the creative process itself, of life itself.

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