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Krilly Moon Snail 

Krilly is a wanderer and wonderer of planet Earth and beyond. This time around her meatsuit started out in Australia, where she enjoyed benevolent extra-terrestrial and interdimensional visitations from as young as she can remember. This openness in her consciousness subsequently lead to a deeper communion with animal and plant beings as well as entities occupying Earth in non-physical realms. Krilly perpetually delights in the art of trawling for interactions with unique facets of consciousness, and aims to share and awaken this curious joy for the sheer vast magnificence of all that is in viewers of her work. For the last two years Krilly has lived out of a backpack travelling the globe and painting public works wherever she goes. Most recently she was a live painter at the 2014 Lightning in a Bottle festival in California. Her murals can also be found in Canada, Texas, Mexico, Guatemala and Australia.  She is also an awesome raw and vegan cook and the above are her amazing cocoa energy balls.











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