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Urvashi Singh 

Urvashi Singh is a young artist based between Delhi and Panjhal, a remote village in Himalayas. She started her Fine Art degree at Lasalle College of the Arts on a tuition grant by the Singapore government. She completed her foundation and first year in Singapore. To further enrich her education and art practice, she continued her degree from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Her experience in Singapore and England played a vital role in the growth of her practice, while the time she has spent at Sea, has had an abiding influence on her choice of subject and visual vocabulary.


Sublime Landscapes

The sound of containers being loaded onto a ship is a sound that brings me back to my childhood. My father is a captain on commercial sea vessels which ply worldwide. Both my parents insisted that sailing from one country to another on magnificent cargo ships was as valuable an education as going to school in India. Sailing on these surreal structures was my matrix to the perfect world. The Ship and the Ocean together form a space of pure vacuity, solitude and silence.

My relationship with ships and the sea as home, geographical space and identity is complex. Although people back on land didn’t always get this connection, my art practice gave me a space to share and explore my deep rooted love of the Ocean. Even as a 5 year old I knew that exact feeling of the Sublime that engulfed my body and mind while witnessing the infinite sky against the ocean, the ever changing texture of the sea, the beautiful but furious storms… the list goes on. I hunger to taste these experience over and again. The Art Residency at Vaayu provided me with the perfect combination of the ocean and a creative space to further explore the Sublime though painting.

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