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Pawel Illjin

Iljin is a Dublin-based stencil artist whose style is recognizable by his bluish palette and stylish female characters. He is the organizer and curator of Dedicated, Graff House, and other projects. He is renowned throughout Dublin for his strikingly attractive street art, which is deeply ornate and consists of classically clean lines and often a soft bluish tinge, which lends a cool and distinctive elegance to each of his creations.


Born in Poland Iljin’s work is now eminently associated with the streets of Dublin and he has made several valuable contributions to the artistic scene in Ireland. From his delicate work as part of the paint-a-box campaign to add a little color, and a little vibrancy to otherwise bland grey traffic signal boxes to his expansive Love mural on Dublin’s great south wall, it is hard to explore Dublin without encountering the passive but powerful voice of this exceptional artist. Iljin’s work contains dominant themes of peace, joy and social connection. 

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