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Stage Designs


Pyramid Stage- Availability 25/11

The pyramid stage is a modular pyramid structure made of Metal and Rope. It will be constructed in a way that it can be featured in two sizes. The large size would be 39 W x 23H x 20B. And the smaller version would be half those dims. The platform would also be modular and could be set up depending on the size required. It would also feature an LED activated Table for digital producers. And a white screen behind the white ropes for visuals. Check out the images attached. 


All stages are created to celebrate the artist and the artists work; the pyramid stage is no exception.  Similarly the large pyramid structures of ancient cultures were places of power and veneration.  A departure in our pyramid is the walkway thrust that I designed so that the artist and the architectural power of the pyramid would be carried out into the audience.  This brings the elevated performer a little closer to earth and the audience a step or two up out of their everyday lives.  
Where the ancient pyramids conveyed power through size and mass our pyramid feels light and dynamic describing the iconic shape with light and a tensioned rope frame work.  The use of rope creates a linear structure full of potential energy that draws the audience up toward the apex of the pyramid.  Also using rope adheres to our goal of exploring new and different materials in stage design as well as serving the practical purpose of easing transportation, set up, and strike of the stage. 


It is important to note that this structure is completely modular, which means it can be set up to perform in various sizes depending on the nature and limitations of the space. The Stage platform will provide a sturdy place with sufficient space for live acts and DJs.


Templedome- Now

The temple dome is a structure we made at the end of last season, It can be used for a number of purposes from an art gallery, chill/tea space, small stage etc. It comprises of a typical dome structure with a temple like roof that extended in to the sky. 

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